Intrapersonal Intelligence

SIMILAR to the faculty of interpersonal intelligence is that of intrapersonal intelligence - our cognitive ability to understand and sense our "self." Intrapersonal intelligence allows us to tap into our being - who we are, what feelings we have, and why we are this way. A strong intrapersonal intelligence can lead to self-esteem, self-enhancement, and a strength of character that can be used to solve internal problems. Conversely, a weak intrapersonal intelligence - as is the case of autistic children - prevents even a recognition of the self as a separate entity from the surrounding environment. Intrapersonal intelligence often is not recognized from the outside unless it is conveyed in some form, whether it be intangible as rage or joy, or tangible as a poem or a painting.

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Intrapersonal Intelligence
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What is the the traditional view of intelligence?
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How would MI affect the implementation of traditional education?
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