Spatial Intelligence

OUR ABILITY to tap our spatial intelligence is most commonly seen in how we comprehend shapes and images in three dimensions. Whether it is trying to put together a puzzle, mold a sculpture or navigate the seas with only the stars as a guide, we utilize our spatial intelligence to perceive and interpret that which we may or may not physically see.

Advances in neuroscience have now provided researchers with clear-cut proof of the role of spatial intelligence in the right hemisphere of the brain. In rare instances, for example, certain brain injuries can cause people to lose the ability to identify where they are or even to recognize their closest relatives. Though they may see the other person or place perfectly well (some patients have demonstrated this with unusually keen drawing ability), they are unable to comprehend who they see or where they are. Additionally, cases of the seeing impaired draw the distinction between spatial ability and visual acuity. A blind person may feel a shape and identify it with ease, though they are unable to see it. Because most people use spatial intelligence in conjunction with sight, its existence as an autonomous cognitive attribute may not seem readily apparent, but recent scientific advances do suggest that it is clearly an independently performing portion of the intellect.

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