Linguistic Intelligence

ALL PEOPLE from all cultures possess the ability to utilize language. While some can master only rudimentary levels of communication, others have conquered multiple languages with grace and ease. Joseph Conrad, for example, learned English as a sailor after leaving his native Poland, yet his works such as Heart of Darkness and Lord Jim are some of the greatest feats in English literature.

For years, researchers have recognized the connection between language and the brain. Damage to one portion of the brain, Broca's Area, will cause a person to lose the ability to express themselves in clear grammatical sentences, though that person's understanding of vocabulary and syntax remains intact. As Howard Gardner notes, even young children and deaf individuals will begin to develop their own unique language when they are not offered an alternative. A person's ability to construct and comprehend language may vary, but as a cognitive trait it is still universal.

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What is the the traditional view of intelligence?
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