Whenever I feel the need to vent, I write. I try to publish at least five or six pieces a year, depending on how hectic the rest of my life is. This page is dedicated to articles I've written professionally on issues related to education and technology. For more personal pieces, be sure to visit my travels page to read my adventure journals from around the world, including the Middle East, Peru and Bolivia, India and Nepal, Southeast Asia. You should also check out my latest journal, Anatolian Fortnight, which details my 1999 Turkish backpacking adventure from Istanbul to Mount Ararat.

Exploring Technology and School Reform

Of all my work I'm best known for my website, EdWeb: Exploring Technology and School Reform. As I note in on my Projects page, EdWeb is my attempt to explain some of the major trends in education reform and how new technologies like the Internet can enhance learning. You can also use it to learn about the history of the Internet and the role of the Web in education. It's been online since October 1994 and it was one of the very first websites to suggest that student web publishing could be a powerful educational tool.

Writing on the Job:
Articles for the Benton Foundation

As part of my work at the Benton Foundation, I get to write on a variety of issues. Here's a brief list of some of my articles: