Hypertext Authoring

Can I Write Hypertext?

ANYONE who has access to the Internet and the World-Wide Web can potentially become a hypertext author. First of all, find out from the manager of your computer department whether you can start up your own Web site. If you're given the go-ahead, you need to learn how to "program" in hypertext (don't worry - it's easier than it sounds). HTML, or hypertext markup language, is a collection of codes which you attach to your document in specific places. These codes tell the computer what your hypertext document should look like, how it can connect with other documents, etc.

To learn more about HTML and the World-Wide Web in general, you can connect with the Developer's JumpStation, a Web site maintained by the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab. It tells you all you need to know about starting up your own web page.

Can you show me some other good examples of hypertext in action?
What does hypertext and WWW mean for education?
Can I learn to write in hypertext?

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