Hypertext Examples

Some Examples of Hypertext

The World-Wide Web offers thousands of hypertext sites, but many of them are rather mundane and simplistic (usually on-line version of originally paper information guides). But there are some great exceptions to this. Here is only a small sampling of what can be done with hypertext:

Shakespeare On-Line
Every play the Bard ever wrote, interlinked with commentary throughout the site.

Le WebLouvre
An Online tour of some of the most famous art exhibits in Paris.

The Exploratorium
San Francisco's famous interactive museum has an excellent on-line site as well.

Roger Blumberg of Brown University has put together an amazing hyperarchive on Gregor Mandel's Experiments in Plant Hybridization, the seminal treatise of genetics. Great for biology classes, or even for fun.

Dissect a Frog!
UVA's Curry School of Education maintains this innovative multimedia science experiment. If your Web browser has a form submission capability, there's also another great frog dissection located at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory.

The Voodoo Lounge
Yes, the Rolling Stones have their own server.

This site includes numerous on-line "tours" of history and society, including the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Vatican.

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