Bali Honeymoon:
A Photo Gallery

by Andy and Susanne Carvin

rice paddies in the morning, Tirta Gangga
This gallery is a visual journal of our May 2003 honeymoon in Bali. Over the course of 17 days we managed to travel a circuit around the eastern half of the island (see map). On this website you'll find photos of our visits to temples, rice paddies and dance performances -- as well as photos of some of the friendliest people on earth. We hope you enjoy the pictures contained in the 21 photo exhibits below.
A woman makes an offering at an Ubud temple Ubud: Located in the south center of the island, Ubud is Bali's cultural capital. A friendly monkey poses for the camera The Ubud Monkey Forest: Just south of Ubud is a forest home to hundreds of monkeys.

Masked dancers in Ubud The Dances of Bali: Bali is famous for its exotic dances; here we highlight the Barong dance, the Legong dance and others. the kecak dance The Kecak Dance: Bali's famous dance is accompanied by a troupe of over 150 men waving their hands and making clicking sounds.

Lotus flowers in a pond at the hotel The Alam Jiwa Hotel: The Alam Jiwa, south of Ubud, is perhaps the friendliest place we've ever stayed. One of Andy's classmates takes a crack at stir frying Cooking at Casa Luna: Andy takes a cooking class at Bali's most famous cooking school.

Exterior of the cave The Elephant Cave of Goa Gajah: This mysterious cave has been attracting visitors since it was discovered in the early 20th century. Caretaker at yeh pulu Yeh Pulu: This small archelogical site near Ubud is home to one of the friendliest couples we met on our trip.

Pavilions at the Gunung Kawi complex Gunung Kawi: Spectacular cliff ruins surrounded by rice paddies. temple pagodas Mengwi: A fabulous 17th century royal temple in south central Bali

Tanah Lot Tanah Lot and Ulu Watu: Two of southern Bali's most spectacular seaside temples. puppet master inspects his puppets Shadow Puppets: During our stay in Ubud we managed to catch a performance of Wayang Kulit -- traditional Balinese shadow puppets.

Fisherman working on their boats Candidasa and the Watergarden Hotel : The Watergarden Hotel served as our base for three days while we explored the environs of Candidasa in southeastern Bali. Men lighting incense inside the temple Pura Goa Lawah, the Bat Cave Temple: Located on the southeast coast of Bali near Candidasa, the Bat Cave Temple is one of the most venerated in Bali. We visited during a full moon festival.

View of the Besakih temple complex from the hillside above it Pura Besakih, Bali's Mother Temple : Pura Besakih, high on the slopes of Mt. Agung, is the Mother Temple of Bali, the most important temple complex on the island. Stoking the funeral pyre Visit to a Cremation: Susanne and I were invited by our driver in Candidasa to attend a cremation in his village.

a village girl Tirta Gangga's Rice Paddies: We spent four hours one morning trekking through beautiful rice paddies in eastern Bali. The Santai hotel Amed and the Santai Hotel: We spent three nights at the beautiful Santai Hotel outside the village of Amed, along Bali's far northeast coast.

View of Pura Danau Bratan from the lakeside Lake Bratan: Lake Bratan is home to one of the most picturesque temples in all of Bali. girls practicing dance Dance Practice in Nyuhkuning: Susanne and Andy spot school girls practicing traditional dance during school recess in a village south of Ubud.

Hundreds of women carrying offerings to the temple Pura Semuan Tiga's Odalan Festival: Pura Semuan Tiga, an important local temple in the Ubud suburb of Bedulu, was in the midst of celebrating its odalan, or anniversary.

About the photographers: Andy Carvin ( is Senior Associate at the Benton Foundation. Susanne Carvin ( is Associate Producer at National Geographic Channels International.

Picture at top: An early morning fog hovers over the rice paddies of Tirta Gangga in eastern Bali.

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