Susanne and Andy's Wedding: Wedding Basics

Wedding Basics

What: The marriage of Susanne Cornwall and Andy Carvin

When: 4:30pm Sunday, May 4, 2003 (5/4/3)

Where: Gramercy Mansion, Stevenson, Maryland

Wedding Officiants: Rabbi Arthur Blecher, Temple Beth Chai, and Father Michael Kelley, St. Martin's Church

The Wedding Party:

Ceremony music: Bay String Quartet, performing music composed by David Cornwall:

Prelude, Entrance of the Bride, Interlude, Exit of the Bride and Groom

Our Registries: The Knot (china), Crate & Barrel (kitchenware) and Williams Sonoma (cultery, cookware)

Our caterer: Zeffert & Gold, Baltimore

Our photographer: Gediyon Kifle, Jim Johnson Photography, Washington DC

Our Honeymoon Plans: Bali, from May 6 to May 25

small red kite couple

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