The Southern Balkans:
A Photo Diary

by Susanne & Andy Carvin

Old Cafe near Ioannina, Greece
In March 2001 I was invited to speak at the third World Summit on Media for Children in Thessaloniki, Greece. My girlfriend (now wife) Susanne and I hadn't taken a vacation in a while, we decided to go to Greece a week early to explore northern Greece and the southern Albanian city of Gjirokastra. Following the conference, I went to Istanbul for several days, visiting a local high school that was one of the first in the city to get Internet access in the classroom. The photos in this gallery highlight some of the places we visted during our trip. Hope you enjoy it! -ac

the Parthenon Athens: Greece's ancient capital is a historical marvel. Gjirokastra hillside Gjirokastra: Albania's long forgotten city of stone

Megalou Monastery Meteora: Medieval monasteries perched precariously on cliffs. Metsovo view Metsovo: A beautiful village tucked high in the Greek Balkans .

Ali Pasha Mosque Ioannina and Lake Pamvotis: A peaceful island in the mountains of Epirus Province.. Arch of Galerius Thessaloniki: A modern city with a dazzling arrray of Byzantine churches.

the Blue Mosque Istanbul, Turkey: Ancient Constantinople remains one of the great cities of the world.

About the photographers: Susanne and Andy Carvin have published online travelogues since 1995, covering their trips around the world, including India and Nepal, the Andes, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Bali. In 2002 they released their first independent documentary, Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance, which has aired internationally on the National Geographic Channel and has been featured at half a dozen film festivals across North America.

Picture at top: An old stone building, located on a small island near the Greek city of Ioannina.

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