Education and Older Technology - Discussion

Some Thoughts:
The Transition from Old to New

WHILE MANY software manufactures concentrate on programming for modern hardware, the majority of public schools must do without these systems. Older machines cannot be ignored by educators - the students of Holoway prove that any form of computer technology can be used in beneficial ways. But as the information infrastructure falls into place, these older systems will be less and less useful, for their slow bit processing rates will prevent them from comprehending most networked data. How long can schools fall back on out-of-date technology? Unlike the commercial sector, schools do not have the luxury of replacing equipment each time a new system or upgrade is released; a computer bought today is a computer used ten years from now. At some point, the transition from old to new must be made, but when will that be, how will schools know it, and how can they prepare for that moment? Should schools continue to invest in Apple II software, or should they begin purchasing whatever advanced equipment they can afford and hope that future upgrades will be affordable?

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