Scandinavian Snapshot:
A Virtual Tour of Iceland, Stockholm and Copenhagen

by Andy & Susanne Carvin

Stockholm castle on a cliff
In May 2004, we spent a week hop-scotching around Scandinavia, working our way through the capitals of Iceland, Sweden and Denmark. Along the way we saw Iceland's famous waterfalls and geysers; explored the islands of Stockholm and the archipelago; and strolled Copenhagen's famous pedestrian mall and the Tivoli amusement park. This website tries to capture some of our experience, in words and pictures. You can read the journal that Andy posted on his blog during the course of our trip, or you can visit galleries displaying hundreds of photos we took along the way. We hope you enjoy this virtual trip through Scandinavia!

Read the Journal:

A Day Exploring Reykjavik | The Golden Circle | Why We Won't Ever Stay at the Travel Inn Again
Stockholm Surprise | Farmhouses, Flagships and a Night at the Opera | Vaxholm and the Archipelago | Onward to the Conference
The Wrong Way to Copenhagen | Vertigo & Tivoli

View the Photo Galleries:

old buildings in Reykjavik Reykjavik: Iceland's quaint harborside capital. Swans Tjorn: Reykjavik's old pond is a haven for waterfowl.

Gulfoss waterfall Iceland's Golden Circle: The heart of historic Iceland and its natural wonders. Old Viking Parliament Thingvellir: The world's first parliament and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge in one incredible park.

Icelandic Horse Icelandic Horses: Iceland's unique ponies. Stortorget Old Town Stockholm: Exploring the beautiful neighborhood of Gamla Stan.

Nordic Museum Djurgarden etc.:Sights from around Stockholm. Skansen chapel Skansen: The world's oldest open-air museum.

The Vasa The Vasa Museum: A 17th century royal flagship rises from the watery depths. harbor boat Vaxholm and the Archipelago: Over 24,000 islands make up this beautiful region.

Dandilions Brunn Park: A nature reserve that's been delighting visitors for 300 years. Rathus Square Copenhagen: Denmark's historic, exciting capital.

Nyhavn boat Nyhavn & the Football Fanatics: Danish football fans crowd Copenhagen's beautiful canal street. Tivoli Tivoli: Copenhagen's grand old amusement park.

Susanne and Andy at TivoliAbout us: Andy Carvin is program director at the EDC Center for Media & Community in Boston. He is the author of Andy Carvin's Waste of Bandwidth, a blog documenting his work and adventures in the U.S. and around the world. Susanne Carvin is a freelance documentary producer, whose first film, Thai Boxing: A Fighting Chance, has aired in more than 140 countries on the National Geographic Channel. Susanne and Andy live in Brookline, Massachusetts with their two cats, Winston and Dizzy.

Picture at top: A beautiful palace sits atop a cliff on Stockholm's Sodermalm island.

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