Friday, October 27

Washington DC to London/Heathrow

Today just might have been the longest day of my life. I went to work as usual, despite the fact that I had packed and re-packed for my trip all week, as well as hounded Susanne on the phone each night, plotting out vacation minutiae such as 'you pack the soap, I'll pack the shampoo.' But after about five hours at work, mostly composed of people saying 'why haven't you left yet?', I headed home and waited for my roommate Jen to return from work and give me a ride to the airport. Soon enough we were on our way and I reached Dulles, where I sat for a couple of hours watching several British couples attempt to prepare their young children for the long journey across the Atlantic.

The flight itself was comfortable, and went by rather quickly despite the six hours I had to sit in an airplane seat. I watched the film Crimson Tide - dull but with good plot potential. I couldn't find the night blinds supplied to me by British Air, so sleeping was somewhat difficult, possibly due to my irrational fears that Susanne would be snowed into Denver and we would miss our flight to Tel Aviv from Gatwick.

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