Thursday, November 28 (Thanksgiving)
A travel day from Madras to Delhi to Amsterdam

There's really little to say today, except that it's been long. Really long. It's entailed lots of waiting: waiting to fly to Delhi, waiting for our flight to land in Delhi, waiting in Delhi for our flight to Amsterdam. This being India, our flight west wouldn't depart til 1am, so we sat in the airport all night and didn't begin the boarding process until midnight. By the time we got on board for the eight-hour flight, we were pretty beat. We slept most of the night away, as our airplane took us north through Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and Russia, and then west through the Baltics, Poland, and Germany, before arriving in Holland.

This concludes my original journal entries. I'll soon add our story of our day in Amsterdam, as well as my final thoughts on the trip.

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